October / May 2021

HonestReporting Itinerary

Day 1:



December 1


Welcome to Israel

Check-in to Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem. Registration desk open 12pm - 3pm.
Introductions and orientation at the Inbal Hotel. Meet the team:
Daniel Pomerantz, CEO and senior staff

“Welcome to Israel’s Capital City”

Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem

Dinner at Jerusalem’s First Station

a vibrant outdoor mall located in Jerusalem on the site of the Old Train Station.

Day 2:



December 2


Antisemitism: From Its Origins to the Present

Leave the hotel for a half-day seminar at Yad Vashem,

where we will address topics such as:
• The history of antisemitism;
• Antisemitism in Europe during the early 20th century;
• The re-emergence of global antisemitism.

Lunch at ANNA,

located in the Israel Museum’s spectacular Ticho House, a social business that trains, employs and gives hope to youth in distress; providing them with an opportunity to acquire a profession and to change the course of their lives.

Media Showdown: How They Harm; How We Fix!

We are the only organization that changes the conversation about Israel at every stage of the news cycle: before, during and after
Daniel Pomerantz, Executive Director
Charles Bybelezer, Managing Editor, HonestReporting,
Laura Cornfield, Director of MediaCentral.

Dinner at Darna,

an authentic Moroccan restaurant in the heart of Jerusalem, with a guest speaker from the Ethiopian community for a frank discussion regarding the integration of Israel's Ethiopian community.

Day 3:



December 3


Terrorism: The Threats We Face

Full-day field trip

to the northern border with Elliot Chodoff, Military Analyst, IDF Major (Res.) During the day, we will explore significant topics such as:

• Ideological and security issues including Khomeinism, Iran and Hezbollah; the clash between Sunni and Shiite Islam, and ideologically motivated terrorism;
• The previous Lebanon wars: what went right; what went wrong; learning from the past;
• The present day situation, and possible solutions for the future.

During the day, we will:

• Travel to Misgav Am for a briefing and overview of the Ayun Valley;
• Picnic lunch in the north;
• Experience everyday life on a kibbutz near the border;
• Visit significant sites along the Lebanese border;
• Meet residents living within range of rocket attacks.

Day 4:



December 4


Jerusalem: Israel’s Capital City

Walking Through History

A tour of Jerusalem including the Old City and Western Wall Tunnels with Lee Glassman, tour guide, historian & Jerusalem expert.

Enjoy a leisurely lunch in downtown Jerusalem followed by free time for shopping and preparing for Shabbat.

Welcome the Shabbat

with candle lighting in the lobby of the Inbal Hotel.

Any Questions?

A chance to catch up with HonestReporting Editors in a round table discussion.

Join HonestReporting staff and their families for a traditional Shabbat dinner at the Inbal Hotel.

Day 5:



December 5


Israel / Arab Relations

Free morning to enjoy Shabbat in Jerusalem. Optional Shabbat morning services (options available from hotel concierge). Buffet-style lunch at the Inbal Hotel.

Life in Israel:

"My Unique Story” - Muhammad Zoabi, Israeli, Palestinian, Arab, Muslim, LGBTQ, and recently discharged from the IDF.

The Middle East At a Crossroads:

"The Rise of Iran, the Defeat of ISIS, and the Position of the US, Israel and Turkey” - Seth Frantzman, Oped Editor and Middle East Affairs Analyst, the Jerusalem Post.

Havdalah – bringing the Shabbat to a close in the traditional way.

“Is it Dangerous to Tell the Truth About the PA?” – Khaled Abu Toameh, award-winning Israeli Arab journalist reporting on the Palestinian territories.

Day 6:



December 6


Jerusalem: Geography, Topography & Tactics

Half-day field trip to explore the political, religious and strategic environment of Israel’s capital city, with Col. (Ret.) Miri Eisin, former spokesperson for the Prime Minister. Lunch in downtown Jerusalem.

Challenges in Reporting

Meet a senior journalist from the international press corp for a discussion on biased reporting.

How Do We Recognize Media Bias?

An interactive session in recognizing bias.

Responding to Their Charges

Emanuel Miller, Content & Marketing Manager, HonestReporting.

Free evening.

Day 7:



December 7


Israeli Politics: A Thriving Democracy or a Country in Crisis?

“What’s Going on in the Knesset?”

An overview of Israel’s system of government, prior to our visit to the Israeli parliament

Gil Hoffman, Jerusalem Post journalist and one of Israel’s foremost English-speaking domestic policy analysts.
Private tour of the Knesset with former MK Dov Lipman. Meet with Members of the current government.

Light lunch at the Knesset.

Left/Right: Who’s Right?

A frank discussion on Israel’s future with representatives from opposing political camps.

Dinner at Sheyan a captivating fusion of Jerusalem's eclectic atmosphere and Asian traditional cuisine.

Day 8:



December 8


Remembering the Past; Looking to the Future

VIP tour of Magen David Adom

in Jerusalem, learning how Israeli technology and know-how is changing the world. Return to Inbal Hotel. Check-out for those leaving today (rooms to be vacated by 12.30pm).

Light lunch at Inbal Hotel.

“Bringing it Home”

A half-day seminar where we will be reviewing what we have learned during the week and how to share that information once we return home. Included in this program:

How can you win any debate about Israel in 2 minutes?

Neil Lazarus, Director of AwesomeSeminars.com, leads a workshop on practical Israel advocacy training.

Stepping Up

a session involving quick thinking, role play and practical tips for ensuring accuracy in reporting, and being a good advocate for Israel, with senior HonestReporting staff

The World is Changing and So Are We: What's Next?

Daniel Pomerantz, CEO, HonestReporting.
Closing dinner and remarks at Olive and Fish, a unique restaurant close to the Inbal Hotel.
Transfer to Ben Gurion Airport for those flying tonight.