May 2022 Mission

HonestReporting Itinerary


May 23



December 1


Welcome to Jerusalem

Check-in to Inbal Hotel and explore the luxury facilities, including pool, gym and health spa.

Welcome reception and introduction:

“Media Showdown: How They Harm, How We Fix!”

HonestReporting continues to change the narrative about Israel at every stage of the news cycle by proactively holding the press to account before, during and after articles are published.

Daniel Pomerantz, CEO HonestReporting
Charles Bybelezer, Managing Editor, HonestReporting
will provide insights into our work alongside

Laura Cornfield, Director, MediaCentral

Dinner at Inbal Hotel addressed by a guest speaker.


May 24



December 2


Jerusalem at the Heart of Conflict

“The Struggle for Jerusalem”

Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Head of Arab Studies at Bar-Ilan University and expert on the Arab-Israeli sector.

“The Six-Day War: Before and After – the Forgotten Story”

Ben-Dror Yemini, Israeli commentator and Yediot Aharonot columnist.

Field trip to explore the political, strategic and religious aspects of Jerusalem

Col. (Ret.) Miri Eisin, former spokesperson for the Prime Minister.

Jerusalem Day

Walk in the path of Israel’s heroes from the SIx-Day War prior to spending the evening celebrating Jerusalem Day.


May 25



December 3


Jerusalem Day: Celebrating Israel’s United Capital

“Has Jerusalem Day Been Hijacked By the Radical Right?”

Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem in charge of foreign relations, international economic development and tourism
Visit HonestReporting and MediaCentral headquarters in downtown Jerusalem

Festive Lunch at Eucalyptus-

Situated in the Artists’ Colony of Israel’s capital, located near the magnificent walls of the Old City

Visit HonestReporting and MediaCentral headquarters in downtown Jerusalem


May 26



December 4


The Evolution of Warfare Throughout the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Full-day Field Trip

We will examine the evolution of Israel’s warfare tactics over the past 50 years with IDF Major (Res.) Elliot Chodoff, Military Analyst


• Tour the Armored Corps Memorial Site and Museum at Latrun, Israel's official commemoration site for fallen soldiers from the armored corps that houses one of the most diverse tank displays in the world

• Travel north to Tel Faher, site of a heavy infantry battle during the Six-Day War

• VIP briefing from the head of the IDF’s drone program

• Picnic lunch overseeing stunning northern Israel

• Visit to IDF intelligence base: meet soldiers involved in intelligence training and receive a briefing on how the military combats terror through cyber-warfare techniques

• Overview of prominent terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah and analysis of potential future ramifications for Israel

Dinner Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.


May 27



December 5


Jerusalem: The Millenia Connection

“Walking Through History”

A tour of Jerusalem including the Old City and Western Wall Tunnels with Lee Glassman, tour guide and historian

Leisurely lunch in downtown Jerusalem followed by free time for shopping and preparations for Shabbat

Candle lighting in Inbal Hotel lobby

“Any Questions?”

Round table discussion with HonestReporting’s editorial staff and traditional Shabbat dinner at hotel


May 28



December 6


Israel-Arab Relations

Free morning to enjoy Shabbat in Jerusalem (optional morning services, details available from hotel concierge). Breakfast is served until 11:00 am.

“Is it Dangerous to Tell the Truth About the PA?”

Khaled Abu Toameh, award-winning Arab-Israeli journalist focusing on the Palestinians

“My Unique Story”

Muhammad Zoabi, self-defined Israeli, Palestinian, Arab, Muslim, LGBTQ member who was recently discharged from the IDF

Buffet-style dinner at Inbal Hotel

“Middle East At Crossroads: Rise of Iran, Defeat of ISIS & Israeli and US Turkey Policies”

Seth Frantzman, Middle East Analyst, The Jerusalem Post

Havdalah, the traditional closing to Shabbat


May 29



December 7


Antisemitism: From Origins to Present

Half-day seminar at Yad Vashem, where we will address:

• The history of antisemitism
• Antisemitism in Europe during the early 20th century
• The re-emergence of global antisemitism

Lunch in Jerusalem

VIP visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to receive briefings and updates on Middle East developments from diplomats and senior policy makers

Dinner at Sheyan Asian cuisine fused with Jerusalem's eclectic atmosphere


May 30



December 8


Remembering the Past, Looking to the Future

Private tour of Israel's Supreme Court

with a special emphasis on the unique complexities of the State of Israel

Return to Inbal Hotel. Check-out for those leaving (rooms to be vacated by 12:30 pm)

"50 Years Later: Legal Status of Judea & Samaria

Professor Eugene Kontorovich, Head of the International Law Department at the Kohelet Policy Forum, a Jerusalem-based think tank.

“How to Communicate so others listen”

Daniel Pomerantz, CEO, HonestReporting.
Closing event close to Inbal Hotel. Jerusalem